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The skeptic will no doubt question whether there really is such transformative love on offer, and whether he or she would be volitionally opposed to it if there were.
The Creator's gentle omnipotence graces the rational creature such that it can notionally accept and volitionally assent to the data of Revelation.
That so many appeared as young male actors volitionally assuming the gangbanger images that their roles portrayed shows the field of Hmong malehood to be open and plural, to contain a range of possibilities, not a deterministic teleology.
Alternatively characterized as the substantive-procedural or right-remedy distinction, the idea postulates the existence of a primary right that is brought into existence either volitionally (that is, contractually) or through the operation of law (tort law, for example).
The question then must be in what circumstances are they relationally constrained into the course of action by environmental factors and when do they volitionally choose to take the course of action?
That our perception of what's going on in the world may start in the brain but simultaneously taps into our mind's history and experience emotionally, cognitively and volitionally.
Blume & Sheri Lynn Johnson, Killing the Non-Willing: Atkins, the Volitionally Incapacitated, and the Death Penalty, 55 S.
Motivation is defined not only by tendency arousal, but also by its orientation, and therefore by the intervention of the cognitive function, because the goal should be cognitively and volitionally anticipated as intention.
43) D Lehmann, P Faber, P Achermann, D Jeanmonod, R Gianotti and D Pizzagalli, 'Brain sources of EEG gamma frequency during volitionally meditation-induced, altered states of consciousness, and experience of the self', Psychiatry Research, vol.
On the other hand, someone who uses legal or illegal substances is more likely to be viewed as "ill, volitionally impaired, or addicted," Dr.
How have the Hutterites avoided the melismas or melodic ornamentations which, according to George Jackson Pullen (cited above) and Nicholas Temperley, are characteristic of societies that have, either volitionally or circumstantially, been culturally, ideologically, and musically separated from their surrounding societies?
American Girl Court also rejected the insurer argument that the loss did not result from an "occurrence" since the loss had its roots in volitionally provided engineering services rather than happening because of the application of external forces or through the activities of persons outside the distribution center business project.