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IN The Ballad Of Reading Gaol, Oscar Wilde famously wrote that "each man kills the thing he loves" and surely the time has arrived for the Sky Blue song of lamentation - which has gone on for so long now, but most volubly this season - needs to come to an end.
Even doing that too volubly led to the expulsion of Turkey's ambassador to Egypt.
Captain Schettino's trial for criminal negligence has just begun and though he is reportedly in a state of depression at his home, he is defending himself volubly in court.
Johnny's death sees religious ritual, in decline at Ash Wednesday but robust at Christmas, truly assert itself as the Rosary is given out at the wake with the community uniting volubly in prayer (p.
Frankly, unless Hodgson starts volubly urging 'Crouchie' to 'do the robot' or starts 'upping his banter' with 'Freddie, Jamie and Bish' on Sky, it is difficult to see how the England manager's job can once more be regarded as the pinnacle of our game.
Also Obama has shown that he loves giving speeches to young students and teenagers where he demonstrates his talent for using volubly eloquent and rich words of love.
Sometimes, however, it was quite volubly resented by a few of the more aggressive young men.
Convention delegates, divided volubly on the question whether removal
In addition to its role as a space of black resistance, domestic discourses also figured more centrally and volubly in the conception, and conceptual confinement, of white Southern womanhood.
It speaks volubly of Tyke resilience and of Austin's keen ear for Alan Bennett-style humour.
Few people, but enough, have worked tirelessly and at great expense on behalf of the whole community they represent and whose views in opposition are sung volubly and in unison.