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Salt intake is restricted in patients with oedema, volume overload and HT.
Fluid volume overload increases movement of fluid into the interstitium and generates oedema.
Chronic RV volume overload is generally well tolerated, as it does not affect the contractility of the RV (26).
Katz noted that in the population with stable heart failure, volume overload as determined by the blood volume analyzer "Was the perfect predictor of bad outcomes".
Also, when people present in their third trimester with shortness of breath and volume overload, a normal BNP level will tell you that the heart is functioning well, taking care of that volume and not experiencing too much stress.
After transfusion for the severe anemia the patient exhibited clinical signs of worsening volume overload, treated with fluid restriction and adjustment of diuretic doses.
Although it appears that cardiac function may be normal or enhanced in the early stage of obesity (2), cardiac hypertrophy and compromised ventricular function develop as a result of the increased cardiac pressure and/or volume overload.
Maya Guglin at Tampa General Hospital, in Florida, and the UNLOAD clinical trial investigators examined predictors and significance of decrease in serum creatinine in heart failure patients treated for volume overload with diuretics or ultrafiltration.
It is important to evaluate the clinical context and consider the risks of volume overload where co-morbidities exist.