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As the name suggests, volumetric dosing systems only measure the volume of the ingredients (in cubic centimetres or metres, for example).
In the above equations, Q is the cooling load, V is the fresh-air volumetric flow rate, [rho] is the air density, E is the enthalpy, and g is the constant to coordinate the units.
Normally aging patients who did not have MCI or AD at the time of volumetric MRI and who walked regularly also showed a significant reduction in brain atrophy over 10 years, compared with their more sedentary counterparts, as well as a 50% reduction in the risk of developing AD over a total of 13 years.
It provides volumetric brightness and mitigates the effect of any direct glare.
As reported in April, the On-Spec OS-1 is a volumetric version ($1895) and the OS-B a gravimetric model ($4495).
The body diagonal displacement method is a measurement of the volumetric positioning accuracy with a laser interferometer.
Boutroy examined the relationship between volumetric BMD and architectural parameters, she found that total density, as expected, was strongly correlated to trabecular and cortical density.
has introduced its Quorum Volume Management software, the energy industry's first comprehensive volumetric data management application that combines traditional field data capture and oil and gas measurement capabilities with the data integrity of a centralized data repository.
Substrate volumetric water content (VWC) was monitored on these trees during the development of water stress.
In gating, the choke controls the volumetric flow rate of the metal into the mold.
In this study, the spectral reflectance (from 400-850 nanometers) of Dowagiac loam at various levels of volumetric soil moisture content (from 0% to a field capacity of 24.