voluntary activity

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Of the like nature is that expectation of change which instantly follows the suspension of our voluntary activity.
It is especially pleasing to have made such a positive contribution to local voluntary activity at a time when many sources of public funds are drying up.
The ministry also announced the first voluntary activity to design and execute bins for the two sites.
I intend using this role, amongst other things, to promote a good atmosphere and a spirit of cooperation by encouraging the voluntary activity that is present amongst the business and social life within my Lieutenancy.
Purpose of the scheme is to promote voluntary activity.
Prior work had shown that an extended interval (6 weeks) of voluntary activity on a running wheel could reduce cocaine self-administration in laboratory rats.
While being a strong advocate of recycling myself, it saddens me that there is so little official action (alas a common affliction, plenty of big talk, but so little action) and that recycling in Bahrain remains largely a voluntary activity.
All the players have also gained accredited sport qualifications and also gained the Gold Award of Excellence for over 200 hours of voluntary activity from the Welsh Government Millennium Volunteers programme as part of the Olympic 2012 Legacy.
The private sector is encouraged to provide the necessary funding for this voluntary activity.
Young volunteers from 18 Arab countries affiliated to the Arab Federation for Voluntary Activity will participate in the event.
The package includes accommodation; and a choice of voluntary activity, including Coastal Cleaning Up process; help at the Butterfly Garden; and Natural Estuary Day.
He added: "A government cannot simply cut expenditure and expect that the slack will be taken up by greater voluntary activity.

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