voluntary association

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Equally, we mustn't fear that our national identity suffers in the voluntary association of European nations.
The bill instructed the district state administrations to monitor and determine possible pilot agricultural cooperatives on the principles of voluntary association of peasant farms, estimates of expected investment of funds of private partners, the number of buildings, structures, and equipment.
Martin Green, aged 62, has been named the new president of 41 Club, a national voluntary association of nearly 20,000 former Round Tablers.
Abe previously visited Cambodia in 2008 as president of a voluntary association of Japanese parliamentarians for school construction in Cambodia.
Imphal, Apr 29 ( ANI ): With a view to empowering women by granting them economic independence, Self Employment Voluntary Association (SEVA) under the aegis of National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has organized a skill development training here, wherein the participants, mostly unemployed, are being trained on preservation, storage and processing of fruits and vegetables, and on the process of extraction of juice from the fruits.
Overall, Schuyler characterized the disagreement as one of "integration versus segregation," where coerced segregation was equated to the voluntary association of African Americans--otherwise erroneously denoted as "self-segregation.
The Open Government Partnership is a voluntary association of 50 nations committed to creating detailed open government plans and to sharing best practices.
The evidence shows the petitioner is a voluntary association formed in 2000 of individuals who claim but have not documented Indian ancestry.
All three chambers oppose the proposal, arguing that mandatory membership violates the concept of voluntary association.
The great question that must be answered by conservatives is that of the relevance in our time of such values as the family, neighborhood, locality, religion, social rank, voluntary association, and, alone making these possible, limited political government.
A Emirates Voluntary Association team is participating in the event, which is being organised by Lebanon's National Volunteer Centre in cooperation with the Arab Union for Voluntary Work under the patronage of the Lebanese Prime Minister, Saad Hariri.
Although he claims he will illustrate "how ordinary individuals interacted with the cultural and social practices of liberalism within the voluntary association movement," (9) his primary sources are minute books, letters, periodicals, personal papers, pamphlets, and published sources.

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