voluntary association

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57) Obviously exclusion of wealthy whites who could have made additional endorsements cost every member much higher entrance and monthly fees but it seems to have been worth creating a racially exclusive voluntary association which represented the ciroulos' own interests.
Based in Arlington, Texas, NCTCOG is a voluntary association of government agencies that helps its members plan for common needs, cooperate for mutual benefit and coordinate regional development.
NOLHGA is a voluntary association composed of the life and health insurance guaranty associations of all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.
The average number of voluntary association meetings reported generally increased over time and jumped after 1920, especially in Palo Alto.
According to the settlement agreement, the role of NEPOOL, a voluntary association of entities that participate in the region's electricity industry, will be modified to provide the stakeholder process that ISO New England will rely on for advisory input.
The event, which kicked off at 8:00 am, was organized by Basma (smile) voluntary association, an NGO that aims, since its establishment in 2006, at providing psychological and and material support to children with cancer and their families in parallel with medical treatment , in addition to spreading social
The process of voluntary association of communities is underway in Ukraine.
If you believe in voluntary association, fair deals, keeping your word, and Canada, you like this approach.
Quite right, too: there's no reason why our Welsh nationality shouldn't flourish, shoulder-to-shoulder with our English, Irish and Scottish friends in a voluntary association of the four nations of the islands.
Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation offered to consider the use of public production facilities, equipment, and garages for creation of a pilot agricultural cooperatives based on voluntary association of farmers in cooperation with the State Property Fund, the bill on the establishment of agricultural cooperatives said.
The red brick listed building is now home to Celf Ceredigion Art, a voluntary association of artists who plan a programme of solo and group exhibitions during the next 12 months.
Martin Green, aged 62, has been named the new president of 41 Club, a national voluntary association of nearly 20,000 former Round Tablers.

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