voluntary work

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Mubarak bin Ali al-Rahbi, Head of the Office of the Minister of Social Development, member and rapporteur of the Award's Main Committee said that the award does not only cover the organizations of the Ministry, such as the societies, NGOs and individuals, but also covers the supportive categories that promote voluntary work in the Sultanate.
said that the voluntary work is considered a religious value and a historic heritage that characterizes the Sudanese people.
The Premier said voluntary work is encouraged by Islam and genuine Arab values.
Last week I got a full-time job due to the voluntary work I had been doing.
e student at Edge Hill University in Lancashire has clocked up more than 1,000 hours of voluntary work, including helping to run the charity's Gateshead cadet unit where she teaches young people essential life-saving rst aid skills.
This is a focus group with Rob from the Cabinet office who is doing research on how the attitudes of young people have changed over the years in regards to voluntary work," she said.
He said voluntary work in the UAE had witnessed a significant shift over the past few years, with a number of new initiatives, especially sports, cultural and technical events.
VOLUNTEERS from across Caerphilly county borough have been recognised for the valuable voluntary work they undertake in the community.
He argues that instead of being allowed to put their feet up after a long, working life, pensioners should be forced to contribute to society with voluntary work.
The seminar will explore a suitable framework to coordinate and organize voluntary work among the governmental, individual and charitable organizations in the field of the Haj and Umrah.
Amman, July 1 (Petra)--Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and Korean University Council for Social Service (KUCSS) dispatch 22 volunteers in the Kingdom from July 1 -15 for the intensive voluntary work in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Development.

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