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However, the form of the plots is similar in the three cases of the studied volutes (Figs.
t] rotation of the upper half around the axial direction the spacing between the overlapping sections of the two nearby volutes is given by Equation (2).
pulvinus (also pulvinar): either of two convex forms on an Ionic capital having on their ends two of the volutes.
These investment castings provided complex designs that included volute flowpaths, hidden passages, massive flanges and internally cast airfoils and flow guides.
Most unusual, though, was the signature of a woman under several lines of Latin text engraved beneath the image, explicitly dedicating it to students of architecture: "This volute from an ancient capital of a Numidian stone column of the composite order, in St.
Most centrifugal pumps are the volute type, in which the impeller discharges into a progressively expanding spiral casing.
Whereas other pumps require completely new casings made of the original pump material, this new feature enables customers to simply change out the lightweight internal volutes to bring the pump back to its Best Efficiency Point (BEP).
In an echo of the ship's mast, he erected his own axis mundi, a column with spiral volutes, on which a small toy train paused, mid ascent.
Fluent's CFD software augments the Agile system by enabling more in-depth analysis of critical elements and by providing the versatile technology required for analysis of non-blade row design issues, such as secondary cavity flows, cooling passages, inlets, and volutes.
The Pumpex Volutes are extra thick-walled quality cast iron for exceptional durability and lifetime, smoothed on the inside for maximum efficiency.
Other elements of this cluster are Ionic volutes, Corinthian acanthus leaves, oak leaves, and broken column shafts.