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13) left and right side for Newtonian fluid and No-Newtonian fluid in the three volutes in order to show the stress distribution in the centrifugal pump made of the wheel and volute.
Instead of columns they paint fluted stems with oddly shaped leaves and volutes, and instead of pediments arabesques, the same with candelabra and painted aedicules, on the pediments of which grow dainty flowers unrolling out of roots and topped without rhyme or reason, by figurines.
12) One of these clearly shows the horizontal plane on which the child is seated, although there are no corresponding volutes.
pulvinus (also pulvinar): either of two convex forms on an Ionic capital having on their ends two of the volutes.
These investment castings provided complex designs that included volute flowpaths, hidden passages, massive flanges and internally cast airfoils and flow guides.
Add to this maintenance man-hours, repair time and the cost of replacement parts such as seals, valves, rotors, volutes, mag-drive canisters and the like, and costs are said to quickly become considerable.
Les elegantes volutes metaphoriques inspirent parfois l'auteure qui en rajoute, de sorte qu'il y a redondance.
Diana also added plaques inscribed in Greek and Latin hanging from the greenery where, in the frescoed room, only gilded volutes punctuate the long walls.
I also added volutes to the leg blocks, included one more flute on the twisted finials, and used different hardware.
Recessed impeller pumps with advantageous axial-spiral discharge volutes and energy-efficient "Split-Flow" pumps are explained.
Another record price was found for the signed and dated Nautile armchair by Paul Iribe of 1913, carved in walnut with great nautilus shell volutes.
Il s'agit de [beaucoup moins que]Les volutes de la flamme froide[beaucoup plus grand que] de l'auteur Said Mahmoudi.