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Use of a novel platelet function analyser (PFA-100) with high sensitivity to disturbances in von Willebrand factor to screen for von Willebrand's disease and other disorders.
A novel candidate mutation (Arg611->His) in type I 'platelet discordant' von Willebrand's disease with desmopressin-induced thrombocytopenia.
9,15,24) Von Willebrand's disease is acknowledged to be the most common hereditary bleeding disorder.
The second assay indicated severe von Willebrand's disease.
Heightened interaction between platelets and factor VIII/ von Willebrand factor in a new subtype of von Willebrand's disease.
She suffers from a form of Von Willebrand's disease and needs several injections a week to help her blood clot.
Be aware of any preexisting abnormalities of coagulation, such as hemophilia, von Willebrand's disease, and factors associated with liver disease.
Von Willebrand's Disease is the most common bleeding disorder in women and girls (1% to 2% of the population or, approximately 1.
She suffers from a severe form of Von Willebrand's disease.
Von Willebrand's disease is the most common hematologic disorder in women, occurring in about 1% of the population, and the initial presenting symptom may be abnormal menstrual bleeding or hemorrhage at menstruation.