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Because of the shifting and often deliberately obscure nature of religious ideas, setting out the case against religion is a game of shadows, made no easier by the fact that many of the apologists and votaries of religion are eager to believe, even to self-deceive, and refuse to examine the considerations that would call their cherished commitments into question.
It "added to the number of votaries to the treasury and made its Chief the master of every vote in the legislature which might give to the government the direction suited to his political views" (Jefferson, 1984, p.
It will appear that it is only during such moments of heightened doubts and psychological trauma that the Muse always seizes her harassed, troubled votaries for the creative enterprise.
This exhibition is the first in the United States to look at the sway classicism held in the interwar years over the imaginations of painters, sculptors, architects, designers, and filmmakers in France, Italy, and Germany--the three main votaries of the classical ideal.
Its more recent votaries are the 'Gang of Four': Former US Secretaries of State George Schultz and Henry Kissinger, former Defence Secretary William Perry and former Senator Sam Nunn, and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon with his five-point action plan.
To consider the religious inclusiveness of Mahatma Gandhi the same as the religious exclusiveness of the Sole Spokesman is to miss not only the profundity and subtlety of Gandhi's championing of religious solidarity as the road to liberation but also to fail to understand the root cause of his profound influence over the votaries of both the Hindu and non-Hindu religions that he demonstrated in his finest hour at Noakhali, Bihar, Calcutta and Delhi at the height of the communal madness of 1946-47, and of his role as "the One-Man Boundary Force", as Mountbatten was to call him.
sees himself in the light of the aghori sadhu, held in the awesome veneration for the devout Hindus show the votaries .
While President Koroma can make his votaries and supporters feel good by declaring that Sierra Leone and Guinea are sister countries working together to resolve the Yenga issue without resort to international mediating bodies, the overheated rhetoric elsewhere is not reassuring.
When democracy's funeral is finally taken out on the shoulders of GHQ, even as a fresh stallion is ensconced in the stables of power, democracy's professed votaries begin a long period of mourning which doesn't end until the next fitful rendezvous with democracy.
Votaries of India's textile tradition will appreciate the heights reached by the chintz-makers of those times, predecessors of today's kalamkari artists.
I On Jordan's banks the Arab's camels stray, On Sion's hill the False One's votaries pray, The Baal-adorer bows on Sinai's steep-- Yet there--even there--Oh God
Divinities routinely described as "women's goddesses," including Juno Lucina or Juno Sospita, also received attention from male votaries, and the attention they received from women had civic and public implications.