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Because of the shifting and often deliberately obscure nature of religious ideas, setting out the case against religion is a game of shadows, made no easier by the fact that many of the apologists and votaries of religion are eager to believe, even to self-deceive, and refuse to examine the considerations that would call their cherished commitments into question.
The great votaries of woman-oriented cinema come from the middle-class.
Votive offerings and inscribed lead tablets recovered from the baths suggest she was regarded as a life-giving mother goddess and an effective agent against curses invoked by the votaries.
Of course Sachin Tendulkar, we have always been great votaries for him to get the Bharat Ratna," said Benegal.
AS THE Royal Family prepares to gather at Westminster Abbey to celebrate the wedding of William and Kate, there is something that most of the family share with the votaries of other religions.
Chattopadhyay founded many progressive institutions, like the national School of Drama, the Sangeet Natak Akademi (music and Drama Academy) and the India international Centre, while Shinde was possibly one of India's first votaries of gender equality.
This exhibition is the first in the United States to look at the sway classicism held in the interwar years over the imaginations of painters, sculptors, architects, designers, and filmmakers in France, Italy, and Germany--the three main votaries of the classical ideal.
Its more recent votaries are the 'Gang of Four': Former US Secretaries of State George Schultz and Henry Kissinger, former Defence Secretary William Perry and former Senator Sam Nunn, and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon with his five-point action plan.
Divinities routinely described as "women's goddesses," including Juno Lucina or Juno Sospita, also received attention from male votaries, and the attention they received from women had civic and public implications.
The ex-Carmelite John Bale was a keen antiquary, and his writings, the apocalyptic Image of both Churches and Actes of the Englysh Votaries, proved seminal.
Some of his proposed solutions were radical by Russian standards--revoking the licenses of drunk drivers, encouraging people to attend clinics (Alcoholics Anonymous was banned under the Soviet Union)--but he did make one point that NRA members will recognize and all votaries of free will can endorse: vodka doesn't intoxicate people, people do.
Freud has been dead for nearly seventy years but he has many votaries who live on.