vote of confidence

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Tensions flared following the GPC announcement that it would withhold its vote of confidence.
In October 2013, the legislature granted a vote of confidence to Faraji Dana after the lawmakers refused to qualify President Rouhani's initial nominee for the position.
Mohammad-Ali Najafi nominated as Iran's next education minister could not get a vote of confidence in the open session of the Majlis on Thursday.
We took part in the session in order to call for a vote of confidence in the ministers and the Cabinet," Marouni added.
The PM called on his fellow PASOK party members to back him in the vote of confidence in order to have a united and strong party in negotiations with the opposition.
AK Party government needs 276 votes from the 550-seat parliament to win the vote of confidence.
The Greek parliament is to hold a vote of confidence in the Prime Minister, as he tries to secure a 12 billion euro package and avert the euro zone's first sovereign debt default.
The prime minister must appoint a new government and have it sworn in by the president before submitting a request for a vote of confidence, the aide added.
I will form a new government and immediately afterwards I will ask for a vote of confidence from parliament," he said, adding that "the country is facing critical times".
John Leahy, Airbus's chief operating officer for customers, said the order was a real vote of confidence.
Cornelius said: "The substantial increase in membership is the best vote of confidence that Nass could receive from stable staff.
Good news on the business front has been sparse, so the announcement of a huge vote of confidence in the region is most welcome.