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A constable's or police district. A small geographical unit of government. An election district created for convenient localization of polling places. A county or municipal subdivision for casting and counting votes in elections.

See: bailiwick, circuit, close, department, district, province, region, territory

PRECINCT. The district for which a high or petty constable is appointed, is in England, called a precinct. Willc. Office of Const. xii.
     2. In day time all persons are bound to recognize a constable acting within his own precincts; after night the constable is required to make himself known, and it is, indeed, proper he should do so at all times. Ibid. n. 265, p. 93.

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The former editor-in-chief of the newspaper Diena and the current chairwoman of the 'The Meierovics Society for Progressive Reform,' Sarmite Elerte, will head Unity's ticket in the Zemgale Province (south-central Latvia) voting precinct.
The gay household variable is a proxy for the percentage of the population in each voting precinct that is gay.
TEMPLETON - Population changes in the 2010 census will force the town to create a third voting precinct and buy equipment needed for that precinct.
The voting precinct is a reminder that our individual interests are not the only interests worthy of consideration.
Additionally, using the Centrus technology, we can direct citizens to the appropriate voting precinct, a valuable resource for the citizens of Texas.
Gaboury said April 11 that she had heard from the state that the town's voting precinct lines will not change next year, as she had anticipated they might.
Another young African-American said: "Democrats just assume my political affiliation, based on my Zip code or voting precinct.
IRI, however, received complaints that many citizens were unfamiliar with the voting process and could not identify the location of their junta receptora de votos (JRV), or voting precinct.
LANCASTER - So many prisoners are living at the Souza-Baranowski and Shirley state prisons that the town may have to create a whole new voting precinct for them - even though prisoners are not allowed to vote.
Making election results from every voting precinct in the state available on the Web and via Palm-based organizers is yet another example of the Commonwealth of Virginia's commitment to providing leading edge eGovernment services for its citizens.
When election day arrived Tompkins settled me comfortably in his car and drove me two hours to my voting precinct in Breckenridge -- through a snowstorm.
Ivy Taylor dominated key voting precincts, San Antonio Express-News