vouch for

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Moreover, Sir Bruce acknowledges that even where data did exist, he cannot vouch for its accuracy.
All I can vouch for is she was papery after my birth.
The court told the attorney that it would summon two witnesses to the next hearing to vouch for the translator's honesty, integrity and ability to translate from Tamil.
And over the last 17 months there have been several changes at the channel which put things on the air that, frankly, I could not vouch for.
I'm a mother myself so I can vouch for the terrible strain put on them
Their generosity was among the bright spots of help in the weeks immediately after Katrina, and I can vouch for their contribution.
In an effort to minimize their risk, brokers typically ask CPAs to vouch for their clients with a letter supporting clients' claims.
As a good Democrat, I won't vouch for the former House Judiciary Committee chairman James Sensenbrenner (R-Wisc.
In the 1950s African Americans attempting to register to vote needed someone already on the rolls to vouch for them; the catch was that any one voter could vouch for only three people a year.
I can personally vouch for the event, and I think the people who donate can tell that their money is going to an incredible cause.
As someone who reviewed the ballet's first night at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, on September 3, 1952, and whose wife danced in it, I can vouch for the revival's almost unexpected authenticity.
If professors think he is someone they can work with, they can vouch for him, which could give him a better chance of getting aid.