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TIDAL BAY conjured up last-gasp heroics to lift Leopardstown's Lexus Chase - and vouchsafe his reform from artful dodger to model citizen.
Everyone, here and outside, who have knowledge of the people-friendly government of the lively kingdom, can vouchsafe its true intention to work for the welfare of its people.
If so, then we might vouchsafe Anthony Gormley's Sound II in Winchester Cathedral crypt as Christian.
And having spent time in Libya in March with the Gift of the Givers Relief Organization, I can vouchsafe that Libya is not at war with itself.
The early formation of this supermajority will likely provide the outlines of the coming "national unity government," which may have no cohesive objective except to vouchsafe ministerial portfolios for the component political parties.
For sure, no one can vouchsafe a wrongdoing even it it is not intended.
Surely these facts vouchsafe the claim that the Indian Census is indeed the largest such operation in the world.
Asylum seekers arriving by boat are taken into immigration detention although the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Refugees Convention vouchsafe the right of people fleeing persecution to seek asylum.
All our deprivation and banishment is from ourselves; leave us not with ourselves, but grant us deliverance from ourselves, and vouchsafe us knowledge of Thyself (from E.
I can vouchsafe about the way that St Helens Transport Museum gets involved.
In addition to requiring circulation executives to vouchsafe their numbers, Tribune put the circulation executive in New York -- Robert Brennan -- on a leave of absence.
The idiom of mathematics appears to be a convenient way to describe and vouchsafe the Platonic conception of soul, as shown in Section 155, "Die Seele ist eine [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]," with selections from Iamblichus of Chalcis and Posidonios of Apamea.