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Indeed, the apostleship of the holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) denotes nothing more and nothing less than the fact that all the things he taught to the world and all the truths he revealed to mankind were based on divine inspiration; that they were based on special and authentic knowledge vouchsafed to him by God, and so they are absolutely correct and beyond dispute.
Our style works around the world," Robbins tells Eastburn, a claim vouchsafed by the success of 1984 and other gems in the Gang repertory that continue to fascinate international audiences.
Being a Turk is a privilege; it is not to be vouchsafed for everyone, especially the Jews.
Since he's special, he gets a special job: "Receiver of Memory", a repository of knowledge from the past, vouchsafed to him -- and him alone -- by "the Giver".
The audience is vouchsafed two shows in two nights with a slight difference in the programme.
8 million loan, vouchsafed to Egypt by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), have been circulating over the last couple of days.
Needless to say Healy, who is from Listowel and there is nothing you can take for it, waited until both rods-in-pickle had bolted up before letting us know that one of the training wizards of all time had vouchsafed to him that he was going to have two winners at York.
bride and estate had been vouchsafed to him by Henry II.
The questions Dante asked and the answers he vouchsafed are with us still and this beautifully written book, filled with pockets of insight and information, will help all those who seek to understand Dante and his verse.
When it was pointed out during a recent discussion with a senior official of Indus Motor that had the local auto manufacturers gone for indigenization of the maximum level of parts, the situation of production level would have been quite different from what it is today, he vouchsafed putting blame on lack of stability in government policies causing uncertainties in this highly vibrant sector.
I hope I have done enough to convince diehard exclusivists that the Christian cause is served better by a joyful acknowledgment that God is not the special preserve of Christians and is the God of all human beings, to whom he has vouchsafed a revelation of his nature and with whom it is possible for all to have a real encounter and relationship.
One even vouchsafed to me that he would be delighted to throw nasty stuff all over the royal couple's happy day while being delighted to take the day off anyway.