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There's something certainly a little vulgar about that, especially if they're trying to pass it off.
Pretty Vulgar is a full range color cosmetics brand that celebrates the beautiful contradictions within every person.
The frequent use of vulgar and loud music in buses not only leads to noise pollution but is also instrumental in causing fatal accidents.
Politicas de lo vulgar y desafios del "buen gusto" en America Latina abre con el articulo de Graciela Montaldo "La elegancia del hombre vulgar: tango, consumo, cultura".
The appellant also claimed rupees 20 million further as the shooting of poem on vulgar and immoral scenes damaged the theme of spiritual poetry and feelings of thousands of people including Qalandar Pukhto Adab Association.
It is this tradition and the significance of its continuing popularity--its vulgar appeal--that particularly interests her.
Right, now you can hopefully avoid doing anything hideously vulgar, I'm off on holiday next week (I am common) so this is the last you'll hear from me until well into 2015.
We believe that these texts share a characteristic--they are all vulgar comedies--and this makes them interesting for a project seeking to reach young men with sexual information.
Bollywood starlet Priyanka Chopra does not want vulgar words or skin show in her first item song for the film 'Shootout in Wadala', the Times of India reported.
AS I understand it, the two-finger salute given by Aston Villa to the Nazis has nothing to do with vulgar intent.
During visits of different places in twin cities it has been told that the students are more interested in unethical books rather than knowledgeable books and they like to read vulgar literature, not only students but people from different professions read such kind of immoral books.
Vulgar the Viking and the Rock Cake Raiders Nosy Crow, 2012 92pp $11.