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But how to reach them, now that I had found the only vulnerable spot in their mighty prison, was still a baffling riddle.
Along that long front there must be a vulnerable spot.
Every man is like every woman; he is vulnerable if you can discover the right spot and the right weapons.
Furthermore, it was remarkably easy to overthrow a dog taken by surprise; while a dog, thus overthrown, invariably exposed for a moment the soft underside of its neck--the vulnerable point at which to strike for its life.
This prevented the striking of the blow; but three times more, before the round ended, Ponta effected the trick, each time striking the same vulnerable part.
It was a bad winter; and, of course, these mountain- eers do get fits of home sickness; and a state of de- pression would make him vulnerable.
He stood with poised spear above his head waiting for the instant that would expose a vulnerable part of the ape-man's body and still not endanger one of the blacks.
Their rage is decorous and prudent, for they are timid, as being very vulnerable themselves.
And often we attack and make ourselves enemies, to conceal that we are vulnerable.
I often wonder why the pantry window is the vulnerable point of nine houses out of ten.
A faintly ironic resignation is no armour for a vulnerable heart.
I only hope, for the sake of the rising male sex generally, that you may be found in as vulnerable and soft-hearted a mood by the first eligible young fellow who appeals to your compassion; and I wish I were a young fellow, that I might avail myself, on the spot, of such a favourable opportunity for doing so, as the present.

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