vulnerable point

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MacArthur quickly assessed that the North Korean People's Anny's (NKPA) weakness in strategic mobility comprised its Achilles' heel, and he decided that a landing against its exposed flank would threaten the enemy's overextended forces at the most vulnerable point, and regain the initiative for the beleaguered United Nations (UN) forces.
I have always danced from a very vulnerable point of view, and I think that's why I'm better dancing lyrical movements than staccato, hard movements," she says.
He revels in Alice Walker's refusal to allow editors to savage a text at a vulnerable point in her career: "Surely she knew that for anyone, but particularly for a black woman writing about race, a commitment to guarding one's artistic integrity at all costs is both essential and extremely difficult.
The basic core of the city - its stock of affordable rental housing - is at its most vulnerable point and declining rapidly.
Christopher, 20, of the 1st Battalion The Coldstream Guards, was killed by a bomb as he cleared a vulnerable point to protect British patrols in Helmand on July 22.
Their business is at a particularly vulnerable point in its life cycle, and getting paid could be the difference between success or failure.
He said: "Everything we have had so far is just gesture security without any real concrete measures to defend us at our most vulnerable point of entry.
Puncture 'They will always let go when you go for an eye because it's their vulnerable point.
But in going there this Saturday, Everton are meeting United at arguably their most vulnerable point of the season so far.
Not only is Sylmar (1-1) at a very vulnerable point - after the loss to Taft - but the Antelopes present a very unusual challenge.
London, Aug 16 (ANI): An Indian-origin scientist has created a new vaccine that targets the malaria parasite at a vulnerable point in its development, and, thus, can form part of a strategy to eradicate the disease.
A vulnerable point (in this case the bridge) should not be crossed unless a search of the point has been carried out.