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These noisy vulpine couplings have been part of the soundscape at Rhug for quite a few weeks now.
But I have often sensed that others have the influence of the beasts upon them: the porcine, the bovine, the feline, the equine, the vulpine, the canine, even the ursine.
At the end of the 1940s, the epizootic of vulpine rabies spread from Poland into the rest of Europe (22).
These include: (i) a variety of furry ears (ones that are cat-like, being pink on the inside and dark-colored around the edges, long rabbit ears, and pointed vulpine ears); (ii) clip-on furry tails that are attached to the strings of the apron or directly onto the skirt; (iii) paw-like gloves (only ever one, presumably for logistical reasons); and (iv) fine lines drawn across the face in make-up to simulate whiskers (only on rare occasions).
He thus starts feeling himself as a faulty, second-rate human being--and is somewhat treated like one--until things get worse when the waspish, vulpine and vulturous novelist bumps into him out of the blue and settles down in his flat, encroaching upon his freedom as well as teasing him into action.
The poet says as much in "The Allegory of the Temp Agency," whose titular painting (one we can only hope Hoagland needed to invent) depicts a pack of vulpine, bloodthirsty corporate moguls chasing down their employees.
Those deaths, like the more important human endings, are relegated to the immediate past: the "auspicious end" of the hunting season suggests not only the end of vulpine lives too numerous and unimportant to detail but also the fact that the season itself has died and a new period of country life has begun.
By the time Mailer reexamined the riddle two decades ago, there were two major schools of thought that, as he explains, ranged "from Mark Lane's--ready to open the case--to Gerald Posner's--eager to close it" and their many subsects; not a few Geraldo-esque "reporting" careers had been fattened on the public's seemingly endless craving for pseudo-confirmation that the vulpine figure of Lee Harvey Oswald was at the center of a deep but fungible form of American evil.
Lean and muscular with a vulpine grin, he endears himself to the group at camp by producing an axe and chopping firewood like a frontiersman.
A born-again bike mechanic named Ken O'Gara stands between conflicted ingenue Robin McManus and her vulpine stalkers.
Korea she had made into a granary and a colony; treaty privileges and vulpine diplomacy gave her the monopoly of Manchuria.
It's not vulpine, nor is it a wallflower; drink this one on a balmy night and discuss the fall line.