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The vulture problem is not really a vulture problem but a predator problem and a handful of people are killing the messenger (vultures) which does not bode well for a healthy environment',he said.
Most vulture species and many species of eagle are in decline internationally, but recent research shows Oman to be a hotspot for them," McGrady said.
Most vulture species and many species of eagle are in decline internationally, but recent research shows Oman to be a hotspot for them, holding important populations of both resident and migratory individuals.
IRELAND faces a "perfect vulture storm" as thousands of people are thrown out of their homes by heartless investors, the Government has been warned.
The Siberian crane, the white-rumped vulture, the long-billed vulture, the red-headed vulture and the hawksbill turtle are among some of the critically endangered species.
Unfortunately, poisoning is one of the main causes of the decline of the griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus) population in Cyprus -- poisoning was the cause of the death of seven griffons in the period 2015-2016 and one of the reasons for the disappearance of the cinereous vulture as a nesting species, while several species of birds of prey are poisoned each year by baits," it said.
Lappet-faced vulture Bearded vulture 2 photos RIYADH: Scientific studies by researchers from the Saudi Wildlife Authority (SWA) show that a huge number of vulture deaths are a result of poisoning, which will eventually threaten the wildlife ecological balance.
The steep decline in their numbers - more than 95% of the vulture population has been wiped out since the mid-1990s- is a result of the use of industrial drugs to breed cattle whose carcasses the birds traditionally feed on.
Once a common sight in the skies of Pakistan, today the white-backed vulture is facing extinction--its population devastated by the use of industrial drugs to breed the cattle whose carcasses they traditionally feed on.
There are eight species of vultures in Pakistan, two of which--the white-backed vulture and the Indian vulture--are critically endangered.
Live music, local arts and crafts, food for days, the 2017 Vulture Fest is sure to be a hit for anybody who decides to make the trip to Makandas Boardwalk this weekend.
Researchers estimated that the decline of the vulture population in India, for example, resulted in $34 billion in additional health costs over a 14-year period because rabies infections increased significantly after feral dogs replaced vultures as scavengers.