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Jude said: "I wouldn't say I'm glamorous or a stereotypical WAG because I wouldn't know what a stereotypical WAG is.
This will be an annual event for Wag & Company at Leaplish and we are so grateful to everyone for making the first event go so smoothly; the project team and the marshals - all volunteers - and the Northumbrian Water team at Kielder - all who made it such a great day out.
IT was shocking to read England WAGS and terrorists in the same sentence amid fears they could be targeted at Euro 2016 - how could the WAGS have uncovered their bank account details?
Al Hammadi made a presentation on the various venues at Skydive Dubai and other areas that have been earmarked as drop zones for the WAG 2015 that will be held in 28 categories from December 1 to 12.
WAG Payment Solutions is now ready for bigger deals, meaning it could spend atens of millions of eurosa in a drive to boost its European position, the source said without agreeing to specify markets of interest.
In the week that the Aberystwyth WAG office wind turbine is shown to be a white elephant it seems ludicrous that they have also spent PS635.
NEW YORK -- The way Fido wags his tail might reveal more about him than you know.
Hollywood bosses want to turn the West End hit into a film, with Lizzie, 45 - the ex-wife of former Chelsea star Jason - recreating her stage role as Queen of the Wags.
8220;Wag Wagon Pet Services continually strives to provide the best quality service to our pet-owning clients and are excited to celebrate this week that recognizes the pet-sitting industry on a global scale,” says Tammi Searle, Owner, Operator and Pet Lover at Wag Wagon Pet Services.
It looks as if my chance may yet come with the news that there's a new kind of WAG on the block in the shape of Women Ageing Gracefully.
A married woman from near the campus in Ellesmere Port, near Chester, in her mid-30s also came to transform herself with WAG tricks and two 40-somethings wanted to create the image on each other.
I think of him whenever I become aware that I am falling victim to a wag the dog scenario in my life.