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Would'st advise me to meet a wager of the King's, that I can produce other archers as good as Tepus and Gilbert and Clifton?
Come hither, my lord Bishop of Hereford," quoth she, "would'st thou advance a sum to support my wager 'gainst the King?
An you pardon me, I would add to the King's wager that his men are invincible.
A memorandum of the wager was at once drawn up and signed by the six parties, during which Phileas Fogg preserved a stoical composure.
Nay," cried he, "the wager is none of thine, and get thee gone, straightway, or, by all the saints of heaven, I'll baste thy sides until thou wilt ne'er be able to walk again.
We will be even with your father one of these days, though he has won the wager this time
I am not rich enough to lay wagers, usually," replied Mr.
And you will win your wager, if you do,' retorted Mr.