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Had Wagger Thornton missed with his PIAT that day, there is always a possibility that desperate British Airborne troopers might have pulled off a successful defensive engagement against the 21st Panzer farther down the road.
This was based on a report by Myers and Wagger (1996) where runof f generated from a 30 min, 50 mm [h.
Dennis Harris, Mavis Millerchip, Wagger Millerchip and Mick Arnold was Bermuda's winning line-up in their old game
1985; Wagger 1989a & b; Evanlyo 1991; De lgado et al.
Competitions include the best tail wagger and the dog most like its owner.
En adicion a la buena relacion C:N, considerada como un indicador de la descomposicion de los residuos, puede mencionarse que la baja relacion lignina:N correlaciona significativamente con la liberacion de N de residuos de plantas (Ranells y Wagger 1992).
The utilization of cereal/grass/legume mixtures may modify the C:N ratio and theoretically allow decomposition to proceed at a faster rate, compared with cereal or grass monocultures, while moderating the more rapid N mineralization potential of a legume (Ranells and Wagger 1997).
1991), N release from cover crop residue (Ranells and Wagger 1992: Wagger 1989a), and N uptake by a summer crop (Clark et al.
Tail Waggers Salon & Boutique is an exceptional shop with a large variety of goods and services--from grooming to toys and treats.
However, its standout feature is Waggers, described by IHG as a "hotel dog who will greet you after a hard day in the office".
Meet Waggers, our hotel dog who will greet you after a hard day in the office.
Not that, not that," returned Chung; "though," with an expressive hunch of his shoulders, "I certainly do prefer the society of a quiet pipe to that of some tongue waggers.