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Meet Waggers, our hotel dog who will greet you after a hard day in the office.
The cynics, trash talkers and head waggers will all be wrong.
He added: "Birmingham is now recognised as a global city with a local heart and people should not listen to the gossip of a few malicious tongue waggers.
Tongue waggers wrongly branded Michael Armstrong a paedophile and robbed him of the will to live.
When I attempt to explain to the finger waggers that the badly in feel badly is not an adverb but an adjective, in the manner of costly, elderly, friendly, kindly, sickly, and more than a hundred other adjectives that wag -ly tails, they still feel strongly (ahem
For human vegetarians wanting a healthy, meat-free, make-it-yourself, snack or treat for their canine companions there is now Patricia Leslie's The Wholesome Dog Biscuit cookbook in which this vegan and dog friendly author provides thirteen tasty, natural-ingredient recipes for vegan, sugar-free, allergy-free dog biscuits and treats ranging from Great Danish Cookies and Tail Waggers, to Veggie Crunchers and Langues de Chow.
And in Clarkson they certainly hired one of the biggest waggers in the country to link it all together.