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50) It may even have been Galen's mention of comic mimes used as an Asclepian cure that informed the dwarf's waggish behavior in the fresco.
The programs which involves the acts of waggish, jocular, facetious, joking, droll, comical farcical, humorous and witty.
Famous Puppet Death Scenes is cheekily waggish, while also being--on some level--serious.
And with that sly waggish old man Bodringa around, Pavel could hardly manage to mend all of them.
When I asked for a verdict on the week from the waggish James Mayor, whose Mayor Gallery in London had sold the Barnett Newman to the present vendor in 1975, his wry response was: 'It was a Colosseum.
Gideon "appealed to Cohen's waggish and subversive sense of Jewish identity," notes one scholar.
A waggish man of boundless vitality, he had abruptly become surly, irascible, weary.
They knew it was the kind of waggish thing mechanics would do.
The audience hoots and whistles as Middleton, a waggish, middle-aged attorney from Savannah, Georgia, pauses for effect.
Danton, a waggish 14-year-old Metis, attends a francophone school that includes many cultures--French, Haitian, Somalian--and says they are all so different that "there's no time for racism; we're all too busy just trying to get to know each other.
The fundraiser, "Dog Tales: Waggish Stories With Bite," will include food, people telling dog-related stories, raffles and - no surprise here - doggie bags.
The six appendices represent genuine contributions to comprehension, especially the four lengthiest ones: Appendix A is an account of the "political debates behind the Journal"; B consists of all other extant correspondence between Swift and Johnson and Dingley; E is a glossary of the Journal's "little language," the quasi baby talk marked by waggish abbreviations and endearingly childlike distortions ("deelest" for "dearest"); and F provides short biographical entries on the figures mentioned in the letters.