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As a waggish merchant said of the Mormons who descend upon Palmyra each summer, "They bring the Ten Commandments and a ten-dollar bill and never break either one.
But in the age of Obama, Black History Month has the potential of being a waggish march from slave house to White House.
And they're off A SILLY but clean text received this week from Tom Lee, waggish son of the more famous and rotund Richard Lee of Le Beau Bai fame: "My wife and kids are leaving me because they say I am obsessed by horse racing.
Horror" aside, the sense remains not of censure but of waggish reproof: authors will be authors.
The larrikin connotations of 'Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay' were certainly not lost on the waggish paper, the Bulletin, after the Gaiety Company opened in Sydney.
The titles are fallacies alright but nobody actually believes any of them--they are the authors' own waggish slogans, written with chapter-title license.
Already drawing waggish comparisons to The Apprentice, a more suitable comparison for a film this drawn-out and sterile might be Eight Characters In Search Of A Plot.
Whether manifested in the squeaks of the boy actor's changing voice, in puns on waggish "cracks," or in a male character's scripted inability to control his voice, such instances of vocal collapse draw attention to "the precarious, shifting nature of male identity" (39) and, more broadly, to the anxiety surrounding the fluidity of gendered boundaries in early modern England.
The irony has not been lost on Beijingers, who already had a somewhat waggish take on the buildings.
A yoga master and sportsman (if today more in spirit than in body), Skampa with his waggish smile may no longer practice long runs and a lack of mobility in the fingers of his left hand may have forced him to give up playing his beloved viola, but he is still actively involved in musical life both at home and abroad--as a sought-after pedagogue and member of internation competitions' juries.
FutureGen's private partners hope to get this decision reversed in Congress, but so far the project's waggish critics are right: it's "all future and no gen.
26) The text uses physiognomy to present Sanson Carrasco as a negative figure: "he'd have been twenty-four, with a moon face, a snub nose and a large mouth, all signs that he had a waggish disposition" (Cervantes, 2000, 503 [2.