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AN RAF spokeswoman said: "Regarding the incident, there were two hawk jets who had eye contact with the helicopter and waggled their wings.
For example, if an adult foot waggled and a young foot waggled [less than or equal to] 5 sec of the adult, it was scored as "Y" and if it did not foot waggle within 5 sec of the adult, it was scored as "N.
We have a large light in our kit so he waggled his finger in front of it to create shadows.
He wiggled and waggled for seemingly forever in a Jack Nicklaus impersonation on the tee.
He found that a mother returning to an empty nest waggled at first, but quickly stopped.
The effect, a sort of mass groping toward the speaker, alarmed Hightower, who waggled his fingers at some friends after his talk and asked, "What's this?
He grabbed my leg and just walked me to the corner of the ring and I knew at any given point he could have snapped my ankle, but instead he just dropped me on my face and kinda waggled his penis in front of me," he added.
I took the parking ticket, waggled it in the face of the supermarket manager and gently reminded him of the thousands of pounds I spend with him every year.