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A smiling Giovanni arrives--a slender waiflike figure in her trademark dark suit and tie, summery yellow gingham shirt, and her hair in cornrows--looking as cool as an Italian ice.
BOMBARDED with images of waiflike celebrities it's no surprise that teenage girls are increasingly worried about their weight.
For one waiflike child of around three Johnson writes, "They don't have to tell me about this human condition: I'm in it.
Likeable and no-nonsense, she dismissed hecklers with a tart 'I'm not Trisha, mate' before turning her acerbic tongue onto waiflike models 'who don't need any kind of public transport, just a strong wind', Nigerian lawyers: 'Your Honour, he didn't do it.
Beneath Ryder's fragile, waiflike exterior is a surprisingly canny veteran.
Before I finished attempting to shake hands with the prospective students, a waiflike Asian girl with her mouth half-full of cake said, "Can we get on with it?
Females of the 1960s had novel looks and wider categories of beauty to choose from, ranging from waiflike to voluptuous, sophistcated to puckish.
To maintain the requisite waiflike body through the rigours of puberty is a brutal process, often producing injury, serious eating disorders (the "Nadia syndrome"), and a skewed picture of young womanhood not unlike the bizarre version of "normalcy" conveyed annually in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.
Yet there's something disarmingly unguarded, something waiflike, about Charles Busch.
The fragile waiflike look of such supermodels as Kate Moss and Lucie de la Falaise has fired up this fall's frenzy for see-through makeup and glossy, next-to-nothing lip colors.
Not only will visitors be able to see the waiflike profile and elegant design, they can experience first-hand the breakthrough Hitachi technology which creates a visual and "sound-sational" experience unlike that of any other HDTV on the market.