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To a great extent he credits Petra Kelly--the waiflike, indefatigable, half-American, half-German woman at the head of the movement--with directing the group's emergence as a political player.
Shot in studio in 1981 to a pre-recorded soundtrack, it features mezzo Brigitte Fassbaender and soprano Edita Gruberova, both looking and sounding shockingly youthful and waiflike as Hansel and Gretel.
Gorgeous Bridgette Wilson-Sampras and supermodel Carolyn Murphy looked fit and healthy while nibbling on tiny appetizers, but the waiflike Nicole Richie teetered on stick-like legs and declined even the smallest bite.
Swede Sophie Zelmani has attained a certain amount of notoriety on the continent for her waiflike, almost fragile voice, and her intense shyness--think a combination of Juliana Hatfield and Fiona Apple, but more so for adopting an American pose, that of the singer/songwriter.
Night Shyamalan's latest film The Lady in the Water (2006), admittedly a fairytale he would tell his own children, offers a narrative clearly formed by a Post-9/11 mentality: the film centres upon a community's banding together to protect the ethereal and waiflike titular visitor and combat the external malevolent threat.
Although both women are nearly the same age, Phyllis Affrunti, who will dance Giselle next Sunday afternoon, is pixieish and waiflike, while Jennifer Martin, who will dance Saturday night, could pass for an adult in real life.
He was a great father figure to waiflike Miranda (Abby Leamon) who transformed from mewler into lovestruck teen almost instantly.
Giada Colagrande plays the waiflike teenager Caterina, who lives with her older sister--and loved--who makes a living as a prostitute.
A smiling Giovanni arrives--a slender waiflike figure in her trademark dark suit and tie, summery yellow gingham shirt, and her hair in cornrows--looking as cool as an Italian ice.
BOMBARDED with images of waiflike celebrities it's no surprise that teenage girls are increasingly worried about their weight.
For one waiflike child of around three Johnson writes, "They don't have to tell me about this human condition: I'm in it.
Likeable and no-nonsense, she dismissed hecklers with a tart 'I'm not Trisha, mate' before turning her acerbic tongue onto waiflike models 'who don't need any kind of public transport, just a strong wind', Nigerian lawyers: 'Your Honour, he didn't do it.