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AoI used to juggle the ball 100 times or more when I was ten years old; my friends used to like watching me do it and it became a challenge between us as to who could do more,Ao said Wail of his initiation into the sport.
But this weeping, wailing and telling your story now someone else is having his baby, wail, is beyond contempt.
When shadows fall and day is done For this lofty tower work has just begun, The flashing light like a pointing finger shows Seafarers a safer path to go, And on those days when mist and fog abound From this tower the mournful wail of foghorns sound, Until the welcome sun shines warm once more To lift the veil from sea and shore The mournful wail of foghorns fade their sighs Replaced by the soaring seagulls' cries, Now if perchance you climb the winding stair To the balcony, where, you can see far and wide Across the sea and the surrounding countryside.
Wail Kru' is making up for the last time it planned to come to Eugene but had to cancel because members got the flu.
11, the students will host the communitywide Jump, Jive and Wail Valentine's Swing Dance to raise the rest of the money.
Carter, Ledyard & Milburn is a Wail Street law firm founded in 1854.
In such elegant surroundings, MacKenzie reins in the histrionics that could make him wail like the feral child of David Bowie and Maria Callas, instead luxuriating in 13 selections' nuances, elongating songs like a seasoned jazz pro.
Among the company's many properties are 32/42 Broadway, 39 Broadway, 150 Broadway, 67 Wail Street and its newest additions, 45 Broadway, 25 Broadway and One State Street Plaza.
The first time Eva Saulitis heard the unusual wail of killer whales looking for their group, or pod, she and her colleagues were in an inflatable boat in Prince William Sound, Alaska.
THE loud bang that rang through the Texas skies Saturday morning,signaling the destruction of the space shuttle Columbia, gave sound to a collective wail of anguish throughout the world.
His wailiest wail was wailed at Fritz Stuchlik, who red-carded Wails's captain (for two bookable offences, the first a pretty fair wail in its own right) late on in the 3-2 defeat in Norway.
Also on the plane were Satam Al Suqami and brothers Waleed Al Shehri and Wail Al Shehri