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com PATIENTS are too scared to speak up about long waits for treatment in case they are penalised according to a health watchdog boss.
Burris bought his 4,600-SF home for $900,000 in October 2014, while Wait paid $115,000 for the adjacent lot in June 2014.
Coming in at the bottom among grocers were Vons, with a wait time of 4:15 and a return ratio of 82.
Parents of infants or young children also may not choose to wait until they can reach a pediatrician.
If your friend is fine with your dating him, wait a few weeks before asking him out to make sure they don't get back together.
Patients responded to a four-item survey about waiting room and examination room wait times, overall satisfaction with wait time, and time spent with the physician, said Ms.
Independent predictors of decreased patient satisfaction were long wait times in the waiting and examination rooms, less time with the physician, and interactions between time with the doctor and time spent waiting in the examination and waiting rooms, Ms.
How long must employees wait before they are fully vested in employer contributions?
It results in some isolated instances of people having to wait.
Learning comes after the wait, when hope is mixed with fears.
We asked them about the average wait and the number of patients waiting for 58 common procedures.