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Waits are being addressed through a range of measures including extra evening and weekend working, improvements in theatre efficiency and scheduling, and ensuring that patients are treated by clinical priority and length of wait.
He said long waits for surgery can be "traumatising" for patients and their families.
Burris said Wait dug up his yard, leaving a "sizable drop off" from Burris' driveway to Wait's lawn; Burris said the digging caused pipes to be moved and his property was "in a state of disarray.
After completing the ordering procedure, the respondents were informed of how many days they would have to wait to receive the product, such as "in seven days you will receive the product you purchased".
But what is the nature and practice of these waiting ones and how are we called to wait with them and like them?
I stand at the till and wait and wait until someone notices that there is a queue all the way round the shop and calls for assistance.
1 : to stay in a place looking forward to something that is expected to happen <Denmark's fishermen didn't wait for sunny days to take their boats out .
Upscale grocer Bristol Farm here had the shortest wait time at the checkout among grocers in a study conducted by the Mystery Shopping Providers Association, with customers waiting just 1:06 minutes on average.
Just like all the others, I'll have to wait and see.
During flu season, ERs fill up with feverish and headachy people who will wait several hours only to be sent home with a simple prescription.
Of course, in the United States it's tax day, but this year it's also Holy Saturday--you know, that boring day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, when we just, well, wait.
For instance, the Canadian Institute for Health Information tells us that the average wait time for hip and knee surgery is six months but CIHI is still trying to figure out why some people wait 21 months and some are treated in less than average time.