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A waiter came swiftly along the room, and then stopped dead.
I got you," Captain Jorgensen announced, as he saw the waiter approaching with but a single schooner of beer.
Between the times of the arrival and departure of the waiter, the man discoursed to the women on the tender regard he felt for all living things.
I am on the committee," I replied lightly, and proceeded to talk of other matters, but presently B , who had been reflecting, said: "Do you know I fancy I was wrong in thinking that the waiter swore at me, and I shall withdraw the charge to-morrow.
The fog was reported no clearer (by the flying waiter, who alighted from a speculative flight in the coffee interest), but he went out into it; and Bazzard, after his manner,
He came in here,' said the waiter, looking at the light through the tumbler, 'ordered a glass of this ale - WOULD order it - I told him not - drank it, and fell dead.
Give it him in his fingers, else the waiter charges it on, and there's lot of profit on this sort of vittles without that.
You will find me awakened--when I go away--to the awful folly of feeing a waiter.
X had ordered the dinner, and when the wine came on, he picked up a bottle, glanced at the label, and then turned to the grave, the melancholy, the sepulchral head waiter and said it was not the sort of wine he had asked for.
Madame has been out for a walk but has returned now," answered the waiter.
When the waiter had felt my fast cooling tea-pot with the palm of his hand, and had looked imploringly at me, and had gone out, Drummle, careful not to move the shoulder next me, took a cigar from his pocket and bit the end off, but showed no sign of stirring.
The waiter brought the bottle, and Cronshaw held it up to the light.