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The Welsh Government also released figures on the length of time patients were waiting for diagnostic tests in May.
Waiting for the start of treatment is a very stressful time for any patient.
A letter from Liverpool Hospital eye clinic, to a Sydney patient, obtained by the Herald, said due to the high demand for services "and the current resources available, the waiting period at the present time for a routine appointment is approximately two-and-a-half years".
When patients are not feeling very well, the worst thing they can do is sit in a waiting room.
The Department of Health said the average waiting time was lower than in May, 2010, and lower than cla hi w claimed the figures highlighted by Labour were misleading.
The Welsh Government insisted that the number of patients waiting over 26 and 36 weeks to start treatment fell again between January and February 2012, with a 26% decrease in the number of patients waiting over 36 weeks for treatment.
But what is the nature and practice of these waiting ones and how are we called to wait with them and like them?
Waiting at the cricket ground, hoping the rain will stop
In the past, a patient may have been on one waiting list for an outpatient appointment, another for tests or scans, and yet another for an operation.
have signed the Don't Wait - Meditate(TM) pledge and agreed to convert their waiting time into meditating time.
University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust has a waiting list of 2,223 people who have been waiting longer than a month.
Now, unless the people doing the waiting are named Vladimir and Estragon, extended waiting on display is, well, turgid.