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If none are available, the incoming trailer will be put into a trailer waiting line.
The Director of the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund, Ahmet Dauti, believes that thanks to this new service, in addition to avoiding long waiting lines at PIOM, citizens will also be afforded a 24-hour access to data.
During curfew-hours periods, we literally had to leave our houses the minute the curfew was lifted near dawn to be able to catch waiting lines," Fallaha recalled.
The GCC affordable housing industry faces many challenges, such as tough credit markets terms, volatility in the prices of building materials, and the shrinking margins of developers, "Moreover, the supply side bottlenecks in the form of lack of housing finance, delays in approvals, inefficient urban planning system, high-cost construction priority (such as villas & high-end apartments), and long waiting lines of government housing schemes pose additional pressure on the sector to deliver.
Thus management of waiting lines to avoid customer perceptions of poor service experience is an important skill.
Soaring healthcare prices and long waiting lines for medical procedures are two factors already driving medical tourism patients to Bahamas Medical Center.
He acknowledged public concerns of overcrowding, long waiting lines and lack of beds, but stressed the need to reduce the patient load at the hospital's accident and emergency department by shifting minor cases to health centres.
Similar long waiting lines are also seen before Sahoor, as foul, tameez and yogurt are basics in nourishing the body for the tough mission of fasting in such a hot summer.
Residents also discussed long waiting lines and delays at Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC), which they said was a major concern.
The waiting lines are growing longer, the visitors are growing more and more impatient and the work conditions are deteriorating," CGT said in a statement.
The demand for low-fees schools has overshot supply with long waiting lines for new admissions.
This in turn has led to dissolving of long waiting lines and decongestion of waiting halls at the Fahes service centres," the company said.