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President Kagame pointed out that there is no pride in always waiting upon other people to come and assist you, when you have all it takes to work and achieve all you want.
It seems sometimes that we are guilty of waiting upon those moments to make a start, then when we eventually get those 'perfect moments' (that rarely appear) we don't know where to start which takes me back to my original question.
I confess that when there are cows in my attic, waiting upon God alone for a solution goes against every Calvinist bone in my body that compels me to work and pray.
There is a waiting upon another that is creative and powerful--but not overpowering in the active, nurturing way a parent waits upon a child growing into independence, or the way a lover or friend waits upon the other.
The preacher may wish to use this week to talk about prayer, not as a laundry list of things we want from God, but rather as a time of silent waiting upon God, the wellspring of life, who brings hope and strength.
Bulgaria's Diaspora Minister Bozhidar Dimitrov announced that half of the 60 000 Bulgarian citizenship applications that he found waiting upon taking office a year ago have been processed.
Vincent was a visionary dreamer, intuitive yet deliberate, given to waiting upon providence.