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I have resolved to do more of this waiting upon God alone, not just when I am at the end of my own resources but by choice even when I have resources in myself.
The preacher may wish to use this week to talk about prayer, not as a laundry list of things we want from God, but rather as a time of silent waiting upon God, the wellspring of life, who brings hope and strength.
Bulgaria's Diaspora Minister Bozhidar Dimitrov announced that half of the 60 000 Bulgarian citizenship applications that he found waiting upon taking office a year ago have been processed.
For a long time we had to make desperate gestures to get the attention of waiters in steel grey satin shirts -- they seemed to believe in keeping the guest waiting and not waiting upon the guest, which, till the last time I knew about it, was the reigning credo of their profession.
ATHERSTONE TOWN entertain Leighton Town waiting upon the fitness of midfield play-maker Kyle Storer as Jimmy Ginnelly's boys aim to consolidate their top two place.
Central to this poem is "a process of remembering and imagining that eventually leads to a state of patient waiting upon God and the movement of the Spirit.
Not only is the pay good, but in most cases the jobs are ready and waiting upon completion of the program.