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To intentionally or voluntarily relinquish a known right or engage in conduct warranting an inference that a right has been surrendered.

For example, an individual is said to waive the right to bring a tort action when he or she renounces the remedy provided by law for such a wrong.


v. to voluntarily give up a right, including not enforcing a term of a contract (such as insisting on payment on an exact date), or knowingly giving up a legal right such as a speedy trial, a jury trial or a hearing on extradition (the transfer to another state's jurisdiction of one accused of a crime in the other state). (See: waiver)


verb cast off, cease, de re decedere, desist from, disclaim, dismiss, disown, dispense with, forgo, give up, give up claim to, not retain, not use, put aside, refrain from, refuse, reject, relinquish, rem concedere, renounce, repudiate, sacrifice, set aside, surrender, yield
Associated concepts: election of remedy, waive a jury trial, waive jurisdictional requirements, waive objections, waive rights, waive rights to payment under a contract
See also: abandon, abrogate, discontinue, forbear, forfeit, forgo, forswear, leave, refrain, reject, relinquish, remit, renounce, rescind, submit, surrender, yield

WAIVE. A term applied to a woman as outlaw is applied to a man. A man is an outlaw, a woman is a waive. T. L., Crabb's Tech. Dict. h.t.

TO WAIVE. To abandon or forsake a right.
     2. To waive signifies also to abandon without right; as "if the felon waives, that is, leaves any goods in his flight from those who either pursue him, or are apprehended by him so to do, he forfeits them, whether they be his own goods, or goods stolen by him." Bac. Ab. Forfeiture, B.

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As the right reoccurs it allows the party with the right to liquidated damages to waive, or not.
The District Court ruled that the postnuptial agreement was not effective to waive Kathy's rights to the 401(k) funds.
The association asked EPA to waive the ethanol mandate for at least two years.
The fifth circuit stated that the only way Liv could effectively waive her right to William's pension benefits was by filing a document with DuPont that was required under ERISA, called a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO), (6) specifically relinquishing her interest.
He adds, "Waiver will continue to be a part of the culture of cooperation from time to time, but the difference is that it will not necessarily be universal, and companies will be in a position to decide when to waive and when not, what to waive and what other means of cooperation will be available.
For law enforcement officers, the threshold problem that the Seibert case presents, aside from eliminating an interrogation tactic endorsed and practiced by many, boils down to a basic question, How can a person voluntarily, knowingly and intelligently waive a right to remain silent when the officer, through deliberate tactics, has already managed to get the "cat out of the bag"?
In determining the defendant was competent to waive these rights, the court found no "indicia of incompetence" justifying a competency hearing.
The board of directors passed a resolution reaffirming its position to waive the AICPA's CPE requirements for members who are retired or who qualify for inactive dues status.
Virtually all property insurance policies allow the insured to waive rights of recovery against others prior to a loss and many policies allow the insured, in some cases, to waive rights of recovery after a loss.
The appeals court dismissed the appeal, ruling that the Federal Death Penalty Act did not preclude an offender from waiving the right to appeal the death sentence and that the determination that the offender could waive the right to appeal did not violate the Eighth Amendment.
and PO1 Michael Tomas hesitated when they told the panel that they would waive their right to counsel, prompting committee chairperson Senator Leila de Lima to repeatedly ask the cops if the decision they made was at their own free will.