waive privilege

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This presents the preparer with a Catch-22: to overdisclose and possibly waive privilege, or to underdisclose and face the consequences of improper disclosure, which arguably could trigger a variety of penalties.
36) The filing of a disability claim or releasing records to a disability insurance company does not waive privilege.
would only waive privilege in the context of the congressional
position is also further complicated by a myriad of different state laws concerning who can waive the privilege; in most cases inadvertent slips by attorneys may be enough to waive privilege while other states provide more stringent protections on privilege.
S Financial Services Authority (FSA), which legal practitioners note has been increasingly aggressive in trying to persuade companies it is investigating to waive privilege.
It challenges him to waive privilege and make a similar statement outside parliament.
First, Senator Spector introduced the Attorney-Client Protection Act of 2007, which would have barred federal investigations from requesting companies to waive privilege or to refuse to advance fees.
The report strongly re-affirmed the exclusive right of the House to determine whether and when to waive privilege, insisting that until such a determination has been made "all testimony by witnesses before its Committees is protected by parliamentary privilege, and therefore is unavailable for any other use in or for any other legal proceeding or process, including investigations.
Although attorney-client privilege is sacrosanct, companies are too often being compelled to waive privilege in order to show they are cooperating fully with criminal investigations.