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To intentionally or voluntarily relinquish a known right or engage in conduct warranting an inference that a right has been surrendered.

For example, an individual is said to waive the right to bring a tort action when he or she renounces the remedy provided by law for such a wrong.


v. to voluntarily give up a right, including not enforcing a term of a contract (such as insisting on payment on an exact date), or knowingly giving up a legal right such as a speedy trial, a jury trial or a hearing on extradition (the transfer to another state's jurisdiction of one accused of a crime in the other state). (See: waiver)


verb cast off, cease, de re decedere, desist from, disclaim, dismiss, disown, dispense with, forgo, give up, give up claim to, not retain, not use, put aside, refrain from, refuse, reject, relinquish, rem concedere, renounce, repudiate, sacrifice, set aside, surrender, yield
Associated concepts: election of remedy, waive a jury trial, waive jurisdictional requirements, waive objections, waive rights, waive rights to payment under a contract
See also: abandon, abrogate, discontinue, forbear, forfeit, forgo, forswear, leave, refrain, reject, relinquish, remit, renounce, rescind, submit, surrender, yield

WAIVE. A term applied to a woman as outlaw is applied to a man. A man is an outlaw, a woman is a waive. T. L., Crabb's Tech. Dict. h.t.

TO WAIVE. To abandon or forsake a right.
     2. To waive signifies also to abandon without right; as "if the felon waives, that is, leaves any goods in his flight from those who either pursue him, or are apprehended by him so to do, he forfeits them, whether they be his own goods, or goods stolen by him." Bac. Ab. Forfeiture, B.

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Further, the judgment should explicitly provide that the waiving spouse will take all necessary steps to waive her interest and will sign any such documents upon presentation.
I don't see a reason not to consider waiving the fees we can waive," Mr.
waiving availability restrictions on insurance checks
The article proclaims that "by waiving your company's rights to loss recoveries in exchange for lower prices on contracts-- typically for construction projects, maintenance work, leases and equipment purchases--you face the prospect of deductibles and uninsured losses, business interruptions and cost overruns, as well as longterm premium increases and legal repercussions, not to mention the potential for damage to corporate reputation and lost market share.
Waiving attorney-client privilege for documents that the prosecution can use against the individual employees puts these individuals at a significant disadvantage.
H argued he was entitled to the dependency exemptions because H and W lived apart at all times during the years in issue and W signed Form 8332 waiving her dependency claim for 1987 and all future years.
The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation ("PBGC") is waiving certain penalties and extending certain deadlines for individuals and businesses located in the Los Angeles-area affected by the recent earthquake.
On Thursday, May 13, 2004 and Friday, May 14, 2004, HealthSouth announced that a majority of the holders of its 8 1/2 % senior notes due 2008 and its 10 3/4 % subordinated notes due 2008 had executed consents waiving defaults under those indentures, and HealthSouth extended the deadline with respect to the Company's consent solicitation for its five remaining bond issues through May 20, 2004.
We didn't see any problem with waiving the preliminary hearing.
Although high-ranking SEC officials acknowledge the companies' dilemma--that is, to choose between a qualified financial statement and waiving protection for confidential tax advice--the SEC believes this tax information is vital.
Notice 2000-19 provides that the IRS is temporarily waiving the signature requirement for Form SS-4, Application for Employer Identification Number.
We recognize that many of our customers are experiencing extreme hardship and waiving late payment charges is one important way we can ease some of their concerns.