walk off

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If the players feel the referee isn't dealing with it then I can understand why they walk off the pitch.
As a player, if you see the officials aren't handling the situation, then you are well within your rights to walk off the pitch, in my opinion.
He gave him the Mars Bar and that halted him slipping into a coma so when we got there we were able to help him to walk off.
VCbet - Australia v India Third Test special: 10 India to refuse to take to the field or walk off at anytime during the match.
The financial strength of the general contractor must be considered as well, as subcontractors walk off jobs when they aren't paid in a timely manner.
Blatter responded to last week's protest by AC Milan midfielder Kevin Prince-Boateng by saying players should not walk off the pitch, but that administrators should use harsh sanctions to deal with racism.
If clubs insisted these people did their jobs properly, no black player would feel the need to walk off a pitch again.
One day that will probably happen where black players walk off the pitch," he said.
UEFA president Michel Platini (above) has warned players will be booked if they walk off the pitch in protest, and Gerrard says they must approach the referee first.
ENGLAND football stars would be well within their rights to walk off the pitch if they are racially abused during Euro 2012, the chairman of the Professional Footballers' Association said yesterday.
But asked what he would do as a player if racial abuse was not being dealt with by a referee, he added: "If it happened to me I would want to walk off the pitch because I don't think anybody should be abused in their workplace and I would hope that my teammates would support me.
The keeper confirmed he and his team-mates are aware they cannot walk off the field in protest unless the referee stops the game.