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Face scarred, arm in a sling, leg in a walking cast, Sarah's toughness masks the fragility she feels as she mourns for her Iraqi driver, Tariq, killed in the blast.
If you want to help Scammonden be named the top spot for dog walking cast your vote at www.
Rest and ice alone promote faster recovery than rest and ice combined with nonsteroiclal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), a walking cast, or heel-cord stretching.
Next would follow at least a month in a hard cast (on crutches), followed by two months in a walking cast (still on crutches) as I gradually worked my way into putting full weight back onto the ankle.
My foot is the size of a small car but I'm trying to get a rocker boot so I can have a walking cast.
She's been in a walking cast for the last five weeks with a stress fracture," South Eugene coach Jeff Hess said.