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Akela and Gray Brother ran to and fro nipping the buffaloes' legs, and though the herd wheeled once to charge up the ravine again, Mowgli managed to turn Rama, and the others followed him to the wallows.
To speak critically, indeed, the latter rather carried the thing to excess, and seemed to make it a point to wallow in the miriest part of the sty, and otherwise to outdo the original swine in their own natural vocation.
Wallows and waterholes are two other great places for treestand sets.
He added: "It's good to train in the park because it has quite similar obstacles to what I will face on the course, going through the mud wallows and climbing up on stuff.
Vaguely biblical from its title to its final, tortured redemption act in the desert, ``Seraphim'' wallows in meandering pain and frontier grit.
Yet in a country where the customs inspector wallows in stolen goods and a government-militia fighter's home looks like "Ali Baba's cave," looting has no precise beginning and no foreseeable end, and Dongala quickly reveals this declaration to be a bitter joke: "Who the fuck did he think he was, with his 'forty-eight hours'?
The privately-owned company, whose annual turnover is over pounds 100 million, and employs some 1,200 people, previously had its HQ in Wallows Lane, Walsall.
It wallows in unbridled euphoria; it drips with double-speak, mock-sincerity, and cynicism.
Is it your experience that these wallows under dry conditions can provide a hunter with a good ambush spot daily in areas where water is scarce, or are they hit randomly?
Tina's new shoes will permit her to navigate throughout the habitat, in the ponds, streams and mud wallows, without difficulty or pain.