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An elk wallow is just like a pig wallow; it is a big pile of mud in a wet area.
Well, there's a wallow about a half-mile up, just below this road that I want to check out," he mused.
Plant species composition of both active and relict wallows in tallgrass prairie is significantly different from adjacent prairie, even after more than 125 y of inactivity (Gibson, 1989).
The Bescot Crescent site had almost 100 parking places, and is adjacent to Wallows Lane, so it was decided to acquire the premises'.
A I would say you cannot count on an elk's hitting a dry "wallow" every day, any more than you can count on his hitting a "wet" wallow every day.
We don't have to discuss which wallows or where they are or even what they are about for us.
During each sampling period we placed a small wooden marker (11 cm tall, 1 cm wide) in an upright position in the center of all wallows that could be seen from 14 km of roads throughout the site.
Reading the lighted screen on my GPS, I could find wallows and waterholes in the dark and be waiting there by first shooting light in the morning.
Soil areas that contain pans often have depressed oval surfaces similar to active bison wallows (White and Gartner, 1981).
The show wallows in prurience awfully early, forcing the girls to work nude - in tacky body paints - in the first episode.
Director Robert Allan Ackerman wallows in the languorous atmosphere of bored jet-setters, but outside of Mirren, whose performance under the circumstances can only be described as heroic, he allows his performers to play their roles in far too grandiose a manner.