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Wane added: "The jet lag is gone and the players will be feeling great.
England coach Wayne Bennett was roundly criticised for playing Bateman at centre throughout the World Cup and, although Wane was among the critics, he says the current lack of adequate cover has forced his hand.
Wane added: "Widnes are flying at the minute - they've one suspension, no injuries.
We've got to make sure we WIGAN coach Shaun Wane believes the Super League champions now have the platform to launch a lateseason charge after emerging from their recent slump - starting at Huddersfield Giants on Friday night.
It might take three or four games for Mickey," Wane said.
I think in 12 months you'll see a possible full-back there," Wane said.
One aim of WANE under Dongotey-Padi is to organise and hold an All Africa Widows Alliance Conference by 2015, which African heads of state will be invited to attend and speak at.
He's got a lot to learn but I'm comfortable putting him in," said Wane.
Wane said: "I think it is more clumsy than anything else - there is definitely no malice there.
The previous studies that have compared round timber strength with square or rectangular timber have not taken wane into account.
In an early passage, Wane misnames Viola Chambers as the Nova Scotia woman who, after a 1946 conviction, challenged the segregationist policies of a Halifax movie house.
The enterprising Paul Doe had Funfair Wane smartly out of the stalls and set him alight so that he was soon clear in the sixfurlong dash.