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The moon, on the wane, scarcely left the horizon, and was covered with heavy clouds; the height of the trees deepened the darkness.
For the fire of the regiment had begun to wane and drip.
As well as the strength up front, Wanes also admits Huddersfield possess two quality half-backs in Luke Robinson and Danny Brough, and their battle with Blake Green and Matty Smith could be crucial to the outcome of the game.
A comparison of bending strength and modulus of elasticity (MOE) of squares with wanes to round timber was performed as part of a project on the use of round Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.
It is a well established fact that where nepotism thrives, accountability wanes, where nepotism thrives, professionalism wanes, where nepotism thrives, performance wanes.
But immunity wanes within several years, and booster shots have not been routine.
In America the game waxes and wanes with how the Americans are doing.