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WANTING THE JOB: "When I announced my candidacy in December 1974, America was in turmoil, and many nations were in danger of losing their freedom.
It is part of the initiation into a life of wanting that can never be sated, of material desires that will never be satisfied, of slaving to buy and to have, of a life predicated upon unhappiness and discontent.
The PFS group tended to disagree with these statements, suggesting they did not view them as significant accreditation benefits; the group wanting PFS accreditation tended to agree with the statements.
From the kids wanting something for their baby brothers and sisters who won't be getting any presents this year because no matter how hard mommy and daddy work, there doesn't seem to be enough money for things like that.
Since Fischer auctioned his forehead for a one-month, $37,000 price tag, countless of others have contacted the company, wanting to show off their talents, possibly for their next big break.
Worthan and Jennings coordinate the help, but will never be wanting for new cases.