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WANTONNESS, crim. law. A licentious act by one man towards the person of another without regard to his rights; as, for example, if a man should attempt to pull off another's hat against his will in order to expose him to ridicule, the offence would be an assault, and if he touched him it would amount to a battery. (q.v.)
     2. In such case there would be no malice, but the wantonness of the act would render the offending party liable to punishment.

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When all is said and done, suffice to say that A Shattering of Silence is a scathing indictment of the wantonness of colonial violence.
4, 2016) ("Under Alabama law, Plaintiffs' negligence and wantonness claims are distinct from their AEMLD claim.
The remaining claims of negligence, wantonness and negligent supervision were presented to the jury.
Garcia goes one step beyond prior scholars who pointed out that it only applies to the faithful: he ties the statements of doctrine in the Torah, Bible, and Koran calling for the slaughter of nonbelievers to the wantonness of groups of primates in killing members of other groups of their own species.
They invade the private household, they impertinently meddle with, and in their blind and besotted wantonness, presume to regulate the most sacred individual feelings.
the United States pays a heavy price for an ethos afflicted by wantonness, waste and official human indifference.
But, in a nod to the austere puritanism of my forefathers, who would be appalled by my wantonness, I am damned if I'm going to be comfy?
19) Or one might find in Beethovens cheerful inertia an instance of "wanton optimism" (straflicher Optimismus), which Marxist philosopher (and reader of both Brecht and Heidegger) Ernst Bloch critiqued as irresponsible enthusiasm for things as they are, and this find may in turn prompt us to note that Bloch met this wantonness by proposing as an alternative a critical optimism tempered with the anticipation of setbacks and thus with sober if not pessimistic understanding of persistent if not intractable social contradictions.
In a way Anna Hazare summed up the wantonness of human nature and Transparency International assessed the damage.
Several cases after Estelle confirmed that a prison official's state of mind must be analyzed and the conduct must amount to "obduracy and wantonness, not inadvertence or error in good faith.
Fabian's nihilism reaps destruction, but Diaz relies on psychology, not ideology, to explain his protagonist's wantonness (which in any case is not synonymous with fascism).