ward off

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1) Madonna performs in Lisbon, Portugal, on Monday, exposing the red thread on her wrist worn by followers of Kaballah; the charm is said to ward off evil.
Still other reports announce that herbs, phytochemicals, or other components of food may ward off everything from headaches to heart attacks to cellulite.
It happens every summer, parents must decide on activities for their children to ward off the ever-so-frightening, Parents with Bored Children syndrome.
In that vein, there has been a surge in new drugs and surgeries as well as use of nutrients and supplements to ward off cancer.
It seems that the hose help ward off the sand fleas.
This month, NAH's Bonnie Liebman asks four experts what else may ward off the consequences of aging.
This Easter, enjoy your favorite chocolate bunnies, peeps, and jellybeans, but remember to keep your toothbrush handy to ward off bacteria that would like to enjoy any excess sugar on your teeth.
Meanwhile, pharmaceutical researchers are using compounds in the mayapple, a wildflower common in the eastern United States, to make anti-tumor drugs, A primary message of the book is that this valuable biodiversity will disappear unless steps are taken soon to ward off environmental destruction.
But the dress's back was low enough to show off the new large tattoo on her shoulder blade with vertical rows of script in ancient Khmer, a language of Cambodia and Thailand, that is suppose to ward off bad luck.
According to research studies, eating fresh citrus is one of the best ways to ward off illness and prevent disease(1).
An enzyme whose natural job may be to ward off fungi and parasites contributes to the lung inflammation characteristic of asthma, a new study concludes.
As Plant 42 commander from 1988 to 1990, Cafiero sparred with city officials and developers to ward off development under flight paths and convinced the Air Force to rescind a decision to sell off the installation.