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A person, especially an infant or incompetent, placed by the court in the care of a guardian.


Guardian and Ward.


n. 1) a person (usually a minor) who has a guardian appointed by the court to care for and take responsibility for that person. A governmental agency may take temporary custody of a minor for his/her protection and care if the child is suffering from parental neglect or abuse, or has been in trouble with the law. Such a child is a "ward of the court" (if the custody is court-ordered) or a "ward of the state." 2) a political division of a city, much like a council district. (See: guardian)


noun care, charge, custody, defense, guard, guardianship, keeping, preservation, protection, safeguard, safekeeping, security, trusteeship, tutelage, vigilance, watch, watchfulness
Associated concepts: ward of the state
See also: bailiwick, charge, control, custody, dependent, district, division, juvenile, minor, orphan, preservation, protect, protégé, region, supervision


of court see WARDSHIP.

WARD, domestic relations. An infant placed by authority of law under the care of a guardian.
     2. While under the care of a guardian a ward can make no contract whatever binding upon him, except for necessaries. When the relation of guardian and ward ceases, the latter is entitled to have an account of the administration of his estate from the former. During the existence of this relation, the ward is under the subjection of his guardian, who stands in loco parentis.

WARD, a district. Most cities are divided for various purposes into districts, each of which is called a ward.

WARD, police. To watch in the day time, for the purpose of preventing violations of the law.
     2. It is the duty of all police officers and constables to keep ward in their respective districts.

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THE terror threat facing jail warders in Northern Ireland remains severe, MLAs have been told.
Warder advised taking stock of the beauty of forests and recommended that they be utilized to reduce erosion and offer wind protection in the western United States.
He was walking out of his cell and launched at two officers, including the female warder in the unprovoked attack.
Public safety minister Steadroy Cutie Benjamin said prison bosses were still waiting to interview the warder in charge of Howell's wing as the unnamed man had "repeatedly" called in "sick".
A warder would take up position on either side and link arms firmly before walking to the double doors which were opened for the first time, the warders walking forward into the gallows room where the assistant hangman would place a cloth drawstring bag over the prisoner's head, pulling the drawstring tight.
It is staffed by 300 prison officers, most of them experienced warders who have been transferred from other Scottish prisons.
HISTORY IN HUDDERSFIELD: Yeoman Warder Alan Fiddes, and top right, with Paul Wilcock and Janette Martin at Huddersfield University (JH200411Fwarder-01)
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