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WAREHOUSE. A place adapted to the reception and storage of goods and merchandise. 9 Shepl. 47.
     2. The act of congress of February 25, 1799, 1 Story's Laws U. S. 565, authorizes the purchase of suitable warehouses, where goods may be unladen and deposited from any vessel which shall be subject to quarantine or other restraint, pursuant to the health laws of any state, at such convenient place or places as the safety of the revenue and the observance of such health laws may require.
     3. And the act of 2d March, 1799, s. 62, 1 Story's Laws U. S. 627, authorizes an importer of goods, instead of, securing the duties to be paid to the United States, to deposit so much of such goods as the collector may in his judgment deem sufficient security for the duties and the charges of safe keeping, for which the importer shall give his own bond; which goods shall be kept by the collector with due care, at the expense and risk of the party on whose account they have been deposited, until the sum specified, in such bond becomes due; when, if such sum shall not be paid, so much of such deposited goods shall be sold at public sale, and the proceeds, charges of safe keeping and sale being deducted, shall be applied to the payment of such sum, rendering the overplus, and the residue of the goods so deposited, if there be any, to the depositor or his representatives.

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Many companies have been very successful using data warehousing and data mining to do many different things, such as selling and pricing better, cross-selling, reducing expenditures and improving customer service," said Jack Gohsler, senior vice president at Conning, a research and asset-management firm focusing on the insurance industry.
But with Business Intelligence, we're starting to see companies broaden their appreciation of potential ways for leveraging their investments in data warehousing.
As a result, many data warehouses fail to address the key tenets of data warehousing and are simply unable to consistently meet the needs of business users.
com), a division of NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), is the global technology leader in enterprise data warehousing, analytic applications and data warehousing services.
The RedPrairie warehousing and labor solutions enable Interstate Warehousing to offer many advanced service and technology options, including its eView inventory tracking tool that provides customers with real time access to inventory, orders and activity 24-hours a day.
Data warehousing is evolving which has given rise to new demands from business users to push valuable business intelligence into the company's operations and to front-line decision-makers in a more timely manner.
As data volumes continue to increase, companies are looking for easy and cost-effective ways to conduct business analytics and simplify their data warehousing infrastructure," said Ellen Rubin, vice president of marketing for Netezza.
Participants will also be given an overview of the Kalido-IBM adaptive enterprise data warehousing solution as well as a demonstration of the KALIDO(R) application suite.
Supporting IDC's findings, when asked about the prevalence of data warehousing projects within their current corporate environments, 75 percent of the Kalido webinar survey respondents confirmed that it was increasing - validating a renewed interest in innovative new approaches to enterprise data warehousing.
The agility, ease of use, and sophistication provided by Business Objects combined with the agility to grow and enhance the warehouse, ease of use, and price/performance of Teradata has been a key driver for Teradata's leadership position in enterprise data warehousing.
Teradata Professional Services provide data warehousing architecture, implementation and optimization consulting services that enable the Teradata warehouse to be the foundation for advanced analytics and enterprise intelligence.