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foreign ministry spokesperson Hong Lei ( far right) has reacted warily to US Admiral Harry Harris' call for Asian ' quadrilateral' dialogue.
Rebel leader Aleksandr Zakharchenko's call for a ceasere but his request was met warily by both the Ukrainian government in Kiev and the West.
nz, Vettori, while making great strides in his recovery from a second operation on an Achilles tendon injury, still wants to tread warily for a while yet.
ORE than a few will Mhave woken warily in households across the North East today, No Smoking Day.
30pm when she saw me walking warily on to an icy pavement and asked if she could give me a lift anywhere.
1 per cent as traders warily eyed the soon-to-resume US budget talks on a deal to avert the fiscal cliff.
The West long looked to strongmen in the region like Mubarak to keep a lid on Islamists, and has watched warily as they have come top in votes in Tunisia, Morocco and now Egypt.
The International Atomic Energy Agency and Iran are warily considering the former visiting the latter.
GOVERNMENTS around the world were last night watching warily developments in North Korea following the sudden death of Kim Jong Il.
NEW YORK; April 5, 2011 (TAP) - Haitian emigrants in New York reacted warily last night after a pop star known as "Sweet Micky" had been elected President of their hard-pressed homeland.
The whole family needed to tread warily on Friday as Tina and her two teenage sons were all born on April Fools' Day, which beat odds of 48 MILLION to 1.
Saudi Arabia's king on Wednesday ordered billions poured into a development fund that helps Saudis buy homes, get married and start businesses, state TV reported, as the oil-rich nation warily watches the unrest spreading around the Middle East.