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Are times this tough that we'd replace the warm fuzzy feelings of tearing the wrapping off a mysterious package with the practicality of tearing open an envelope and hearing a couple of ka-chings?
The movie motif makes a real-live cameo at the finish of the novel and leaves readers with the warm fuzzy feeling that not all personal records are futile.
It seems that somehow the swan-induced warm fuzzy Christmas I crave is a farce, at least according to my Bible.
The endorphin hit - that warm fuzzy glow - after dealing a good deed has its value for the donor, too.
MITCHELL MUSUEM Peter P Memorial Service The debut album from the Glasgow band is a glowing production with a warm fuzzy feel, reminiscent of The Flaming Lips, MGMT and Animal Collective.
Draw a Warm Fuzzy on your paper or material and have an adult help cut it out.
Years ago, I became familiar with the book, The Original Warm Fuzzy Tale, by Claude Steiner (Jalmar Press; 1983).
The following morning the people may not remember very much about it apart from maybe a warm fuzzy feeling, but that is fine because it may lead to the start of a Christian spiritual journey.