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His answer was Yemen because 'its mountains are like Tora Bora's and the country will embrace me and will be warm towards me'.
I watched him concoct a camel tagine in Tangiers and tried to keep an open mind but when he tucked into lumps of humps it made me warm towards vegetarianism
My goal was always to be recognised as a good actor but no one was interested in that, simply because society just wants to warm towards your appearance.
The response of the audience was very warm towards the implementation of the grading system to evaluate the students and hailed the implementation of this system.
The Tartan Army were just as warm towards Burley's No.
She came over as passionate and warm towards her family.
From the moment he tells them they can't stay, we know exactly what's going to happen - he'll relent and slowly warm towards his family.
They listened to her and they felt very warm towards her.
And although the winner's task was eased by the fall two out of Cogans Lake, it was no surprise to hear Hughes warm towards a JCB Triumph Hurdle bid after the race.
It is not difficult to see why he feels warm towards the retailer From a business that was turning over 20,000 [pounds sterling] to 30,000 [pounds sterling] a year five years ago with Budgens, The Ilchester Cheese Company now turns over six times that.
Nice-guy Donny Osmond has revealed why he is so warm towards his fans.
This is a very bad moment for the West to suddenly warm towards Russia, yet that is exactly what we are seeing.