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The Bush administration has been skeptical about the causes of global warming.
A confluence of events during the last week of January guarantees that fears over global warming will again make climate change a hot political issue.
NOAA said that the high temperatures could be explained in part by El Nino, a tropical warming pattern that began affecting weather in August.
The scientists say these changes are mainly due to global warming, or an average increase in Earth's temperature (see Nuts & Bolts, p.
Other researchers had already observed that global warming seemed to be changing the actions of some organisms (SN: 3/8/03,p.
Global warming is a phenomenon scientists are trying to decipher.
Global warming has now officially joined the ranks of topics it is no longer acceptable to make light of.
The Canadian geological community is deeply divided as to whether or not anthropogenic carbon dioxide is the principal driver of the global warming that we see around us.
Global warming is leaving its evidentiary trail in melting ice as well as in the heating of the seas.
I need to focus on warming up the jumping part, including my back, core, and everything that entails.
The Antarctic Peninsula has experienced a warming trend during the last several decades, but it represents just 2 percent of the continent's land mass.
In November 2004, the Arctic Council, a coordinating body of the eight Arctic nations (Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, and the United States) released its Arctic Climate Impact Assessment: Impacts of a Warming Arctic (ACIA).