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Dessalles, whom he had brought from abroad to be his son's tutor, Prince Andrew again joined warmly in the conversation about Speranski which was still going on between the two old men.
Within a half-mile of it he met Bushrod Albro, a former playfellow and schoolmate, who greeted him warmly.
The sunshine caressed it warmly and affectionately, with evident disregard of its bad reputation.
President Barbicane and the members of the Gun Club warmly congratulated their engineer Murchison; the cyclopean work had been accomplished with extraordinary rapidity.
Amongst other things they spoke of the middle ages: some praised that period as far more interesting, far more poetical than our own too sober present; indeed Councillor Knap defended this opinion so warmly, that the hostess declared immediately on his side, and both exerted themselves with unwearied eloquence.
Why, you have commended the book so warmly, that you should be ashamed of reading your name before the dedication.
I was about to make some further observations, but he wrung my hand warmly and wished me good-bye.
As it was, the situation stopped there in the only way it could; but I was left alone in my little but, glowing warmly through and through with a pleasant satisfaction; and I knew that a tie, or a tacit something, existed between us which had not existed before.
Stremov, carrying with him several members, went over to Alexey Alexandrovitch's side, and not contenting himself with warmly defending the measure proposed by Karenin, proposed other more extreme measures in the same direction.
When the Professor had quite done with my mother's hand, and when I had warmly thanked him for his interference on my behalf, I asked to be allowed to look at the note of terms which his respectable patron had drawn up for my inspection.
PESHAWAR -- Soon after arriving Test cricketer, Imran Khan Friday warmly received by hundreds and thousands of the fans, his relatives, elders of the area at his native village Maidan, Dir Lower.
Addressing at the occasion, Member Punjab Assembly Tehseen Fawad said that the delegation from Sindh is warmly welcomed in Punjab.