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According to an official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Shaikh Abdullah was warmly welcomed and accorded with hospitably in the country after he requested to come to the UAE due to restrictions practiced against him by the Qatari government.
Earlier, after one night stay at Peshawar, Azadi Train was warmly received at Noshera Railway Station.
Members of the Security Council warmly welcomed the successful conclusion of the Yemeni dialogue conference.
2 Dress them warmly, put a hat on their head and put the child to bed in a warm room with a couple of blankets.
We were surprised to read how you warmly recognized Dybul's partner, Jason Claire, who held the Bible during the ceremony.
On hand to celebrate were numerous government officials, who at the ribbon cutting ceremony, spoke warmly of the Rivera family's accomplishments.
In this warmly written, charmingly humane book, Samuel Wells contends that the situation is quite the contrary.
He crooned obscure torch songs and introduced each volunteer warmly.
James Smethurst's "Something Warmly, Infuriatingly Feminine" contrasts the neomodernism of Invisible Man against stereotypical mass cultural images of women, black and white.
Warmly written with gleams of insight into the wry intricacies of human nature, and illustrated with black-and-white photographs, The Prairie Tides is a gentle story of love, determination, finding one's place and raising a family.
95), author James Lomuscio offers a warmly written and personalized account of the flooding and its aftermath.
I don't think that anyone from the royal family has ever gone to the US and not been warmly received.